(Google Meet) Breakout rooms package

Hi teachers,

Some of us have been using Google Meet for a while now. A few of us have been creating ‘breakout rooms’ in a quick fix.

If you feel (more) comfortable teaching online now and would like to start splitting your students into breakout rooms for pairwork or group work tasks, read on!

First of all, you will need an extension to mute tabs in isolation. Until 2007, you could mute a Chrome tab using this function. Nowadays, you can only mute the site itself. Therefore, when splitting students, you will need to mute tabs to choose which group(s) you would like to listen to. I recommend the extension Mute Tab.

Click here to download Mute Tab.

Finally, you will need to create different meets to work as the ‘sub-rooms’ so that students can join and talk to their peers only. There is also an extension that can create these links for you. It can also generate the groups randomly — but you can also rearrange them. The extension is called Google Meet Attendees & Breakout rooms. Oh! You might also generate an attendance list.

Click here to download Google Meet Attendees & Breakout rooms.

It took me some months to start doing this. My computer processor was not good enough, and I decided to buy a new one.

Watch this video for further information.

Hope it’s helpful!


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