(Templates) Online game for ELT

Hi teachers,

Games a great way to practice language, right? Besides students usually get excited when we bring games to class. Even though we are in an online context right now, we can still play games! That is why I am sharing five templates with you. The highlight of this document is that I used scripts to embed a die/ dice into Google Slides! This way, we do not need sites to roll dice, wheels of names, etc.

  • Tic-tac-toe: the classic one, but with questions, lexical items or pictures;
  • Battleship: another classic game, but with cards to integrate language;
  • Board game: nothing special, apart from the counters and the die;
  • Three-dice game: students roll three dice (option available) to answer a question;
  • Snakes and ladders: with cards to integrate language.

Click here to make a copy of the document (login required)

If you are not much for competition in class, you can surely adapt any of these games to make them collaborative. Instead of having two groups compete, work as a group (WC) to get to the end of the board, for example.

I hope your students enjoy these games!
Should you have any questions/ suggestions, get in touch!


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