Receptive skills — a crash course

Teaching receptive skills, i.e. reading and listening, is not an easy task. It goes without saying that developing these skills and the sub-skills involved does not simply comprise exposing students to sentences and utterances.

Moreover, especially in the emergency remote teaching some of us have been submitted to, scaffolding lessons to foster learner autonomy and promote the improvement of receptive skills might be a bit of a challenge.

Those are the reasons why we have decided to offer this online course! There is much more than providing input to teaching reading and listening.

Writing thorough comprehension exercises is a way to help our learners check understanding and interpret texts better. However, this is definitely not enough to make them better readers or listeners. What other factors can help them improve their skills? 

In this four-hour online course, we will cover the following topics:

  • Developing reading sub-skills
  • Selecting appropriate reading tasks
    that develop specific sub-skills
  • Approaches to teaching reading
  • Developing listening sub-skills
  • Selecting appropriate listening tasks
    that develop specific sub-skills
  • Approaches to teaching listening

On Sunday, May 10th, participants will meet from 14:00 to 18:15 with a 15-minute break in the middle.

During this course, we’ll present theory and examples from mainstream coursebooks with some adaptations for all your sub-skill development needs and give you very practical tips to boost your lessons.

Register here.


Fee: R$ 150,00 (you may pay in 2 installments)

When: May 10th from 14h00 to 18h15

Where: Online — via Zoom

The course tutors

Gabriel Lemos is a Cambridge certified EFL teacher, teacher trainer, materials designer and speaking examiner. He holds a teaching degree in Languages, CELTA, Delta Modules 1 and 2, as well as other certifications and diplomas in the field of ELT in the University of Oregon and others. He is currently the second vice-president of the BRAZ-TESOL Rio Chapter.

T. Veigga is Trinity CertTESOL tutor, teacher, teacher trainer and materials designer. He holds a BA in Languages (UFRJ), a Specialisation in Media-Education (PUC- Rio), the CPE, and Delta Modules 1 and 2, currently working on module 3. Taylor is part of the BRAZ-TESOL advisory council and has been a pedagogical coordinator for BrELT since 2015.

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