My board for online classes

Hi teachers,

Many people have been asking me the best platform to use as a board. When it comes to programs and sites, some people like ActivInspire*, Smart Notebook* and Awwapp.

I believe these ones are great for many reasons. However, I usually need a simple ‘page’ where I can keep a record of emerging language and build a language corner, especially when teaching adults. For this reason, I use a sample Google Slide with the language corner proforma and a ‘blank page’ to take notes more freely. What I really like about my language corner pages is that I use the phonetic symbols to transcribe words. And it would be too time-consuming to look up every word so as to copy and paste its transcription. Therefore, my proforma includes the IPA symbols in a place where I can easily copy and paste them onto my slides.

So, I have added a ‘make a copy’ link to my bookmarks bar in order to have a blank copy every class:


Useful links and information:
the ‘make a copy’ version I’ve added to my bookmarks bar
– to add the previous link to your bookmarks bar: ‘Ctrl + D’ and choose the folder ‘bookmarks bar’.
– to see your bookmarks bar if it is not visible: ‘Ctrl + Shift + B’.

I really hope it helps you.


*You’ll need a license/ subscription for those.

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