Padlets for students

Hello students,

Here you can find three Padlets® I have designed for my students. I find them really useful to be used in class or at home. Find further information and links below.

1) Learning strategies – this is a collaborative Padlet which is fed by me and my students. Here we can share strategies we make use of in order to practice English. There are strategies for learning in general, grammar, vocabulary, listening, reading and pronunciation, as well as some useful links. Feel free to add your own ideas, too!


QR code for this padlet

2) English functions – this is a brand new one! It contains English phrases/ expressions you can use to increase your fluency. Instead of thinking about grammar rules and worrying about accuracy, use these phrases to help you not to hesitate and to sound fluent. Notice that the more you scroll down, the more complex/ formal the expressions get.


QR code for this padlet

3) Writing tips – this one can help you during the writing process. Not only can it give you some hints on grammar, vocabulary and style, but it can also show you structures of specific genres.


QR code for this padlet

Hope these Padlets can help you a lot! Share them with your classmates and friends as well! And I’d love to hear some feedback. Should you have any comments, questions or suggestions, let me know!


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