Home screen to foster autonomy

Hi students,

Find below some of the apps and sites I always suggest my students add to their home screens so as to become more independent.

1) Irregular verbs – a simple yet powerful app to help you know the irregular simple past and past participle verb forms as well as their pronunciations.
Download: AndroidiOS

2) Office Lens – a useful app to take better pictures of boards, handouts and posters in class. I have talked about this app. Read this post by clicking here.
Download: AndroidiOS

3&4) English-English dictionaries – indispensable sites to help you find out the meaning of a word when the context cannot tell you that. I have talked about the dictionaries I like and why I do each one of them. Read this post by clicking here.

5) Your Dictionary – a handy site that can provide you with meaningful sentences to work as models for your writing.
Link: https://sentence.yourdictionary.com/

6) Howjsay – a great tool that provides the pronunciation of words and some of their derivatives.
Link: https://howjsay.com/

7) Collocations – the study of words that usually go together is referred to as ‘collocation’. For example, do you ‘do coffee’ or ‘make coffee’? Do you ‘depend of something’ or ‘depend on something’? Use this great tool to check it out!
Link: http://www.freecollocation.com/

8) Thesaurus – an essential dictionary of synonyms and antonyms. This might be useful for your writing.
Link: https://www.thesaurus.com/

9) Gabe’s writing Padlet – a resource I have put together using different materials which will support the writing process — in terms of genre, style, punctuation, grammar and more.
Link: https://padlet.com/dashboard

This is how you add sites to your home screen.

With the site open, tap the menu button (Android: 198754-200 // iOS: options). Then, tap on ‘Add to Home Screen’. Rename it if you wish and tap on ‘Add’. You can reorganize the icons later.

Good studies!

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